Do mice hibernate?

A majority of the animals identified as “true hibernators” are small stumpy animals that ‘nearly’ resemble mice and rats in their  external size morphology. They have tiny compact bodies with large surface area to volume ratio which means that they easily give off body heat and feel the impact of cold more avidly than larger … Read more

When do bears hibernate?

This article discusses when northern bears retire into their dens and begin hibernating. It also discusses to a brief extent, the process of hibernation in bears. For a more detailed article on how bears hibernate, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the first link. When do bears hibernate? … Read more

Do bats hibernate?

Bat period

Come early December, the snow will rain, the insects will vanish, the blood will crisp, the fruits will shrink and the blood-sucking, insect-eating and fruit-gorbing bats will? Do something thoroughly and completely relaxing of course, keep reading to discover what exactly that is! Do bats hibernate? Yes, a colossal species of bats inhabiting the arctic and … Read more

Do frogs hibernate?

When the succulent berries of summer disappear, fishes begin to migrate and trees become practically in differentiable from their resulting understory, where do moist and creepy amphibians like frogs and toads go? What do they do in winter? Do they migrate to warmer places and mimic the survival strategies of fishes, whales and the deer-like … Read more

Why do bears hibernate?

In the latter stages of every year, around the browny period of early October or so, some species of northern bears like the grizzles and black bears retire forcefully into partly insulated dens, curl up their bodies into large insulate bowls and remain periodically dormant until the green vegetation of early spring approaches. The young, … Read more