Hibernation in frogs

During the cold, frigid and bitterly bleakly conditions of the winter season, humans protect themselves by staying indoors while completely shrouded and heavily insulated by comfy sweaters and soft cloth, animals like whales, caribou, bats and monarch butterflies migrate away to warmer environments in order to safely guarantee their winter survival, arctic dwelling mammals like … Read more

How does hibernation help animals survive?

You’ve probably heard a million times that hibernation is a survival strategy adopted by some species of mammals and birds in order to cope with the inhospitable climate of the winter season. But how exactly does hibernation jump start animals from winter to spring? How exactly do animals survive through winter while being consistently motionless … Read more

Do animals wake up during hibernation?

can animals die during hibernation

There’s a common misconception about animal hibernation that must be address before early fall approaches: that winter hibernation — that energy efficient, famine eluding and cold evading winter dormancy happens in a long, uninterrupted and unbroken spell. No pauses or breaks, just an extended piece of sleep, soothing and comforting from beginning to end. While it’s … Read more

Do bears poop when they hibernate?

Bears are the super-duper hibernators of the animal kingdom. Their approach to winter hibernation is simply magnificent and must be commended with three powerful words: Effective, Efficient and Unique. Bears have completely mastered the winter season inside out, even to a much greater degree than the so called “True hibernators”. They are the living maestros … Read more

Hibernation in Bears: Do bears hibernate?

Animals hibernate in order to survive the harshness and famine of winter. True hibernators they say are measly creatures like squirrels and lemurs, they suppress many physiological activities to the core, from breathing rate, heart rate to internal body temperature and metabolism. And then, there are a group of animals called the “super hibernators”, super … Read more