Can animals die during hibernation?

can animals die during hibernation

When scientific media and literatures describe the concept of hibernation in mammals, its always as if every single attempt made by every single mammal is successful. Here’s what the typical text reads like: “Come winter, the animals transitions into a state of suspended animation and when summer approaches, the animals (must) awaken from their ‘slumber’ and … Read more

Do polar bears hibernate?

Do polar bears hibernate

During the frigid days of winter, many species of Northern bears are found curled up (like stiff balls) in a partly insulated den, and snoring out their lungs like avid drunkards do in the early hours of morning. They are, for a substantial amount of time, totally oblivious to their external surroundings and whatever third … Read more

Hibernating Animals: What animals hibernate?

squirrels hibernate

There’s a strange phenomenon called hibernation where animals basically sleep out the entire season of winter. Find out why animals choose do so, and which members of the animal kingdom are fond of this habit. What animals hibernate? Animals that cannot cope with the energy constraints of the winter season hibernate. For these animals, searching … Read more