Are kangaroos mammals?

Kangaroos or roos as they are sometimes called, are members of the animal kingdom endemic to the continent of Australia. They are found widespread from north to south, east to west and throughout the mainland part of Australia and are most notable for possessing extendable pouches in front of their abdomens which contain four squirting … Read more

Kangaroo Predators: What eats kangaroos?

Apart from indigenous Australians (and some 55 isolate countries along with pet animals around the world) that love to explore the tender and strongly flavored tissues of the kangaroo meat; which is high in protein, extremely low in fat and is a good source of vitamins and minerals, very few predators out there have actually … Read more

Baby Kangaroo: Everything you should know

This page is all about baby kangaroos. Here is what you’ll learn in this article: How kangaroos mate. Gestation in kangaroos. How baby kangaroos are born and their birth characteristics.  The growth and development of baby kangaroos.  And lastly, weaning, independence and maturity in kangaroos. Without further ado, lets get started. Mating in kangaroos Before … Read more

Kangaroo Habitat: Where do kangaroos live? (with map)

Jump to the first section on this page to begin with the topic question. Continue reading for a brief but concise background on kangaroos. Kangaroos or ‘roos’ as they are colloquially referred to, are pouch bearing terrestrial mammals that belong to the macropodidae family of marsupials along with wallabies, wallaroo and tree-kangaroos, to mention a … Read more