Polar Bear Swimming: Can polar bears swim?

Can polar bears swim

This article discusses extensively about the swimming capabilities of polar bears.  Can polar bears swim? Yes, polar bears are perfectly capable of swimming for short and extended distances and also for hours on end or even days at stretch. Polar bears can additionally dive impressive meters underwater and play around within the chilliness and biting … Read more

Polar Bear Baby: Everything you should know

In this article, we discuss everything there is to know about the polar bear baby from courting and mating in adults to birth and maturity of the young ones (and everything in between). Breeding in polar bears Like any other animal, polar bears must breed in order to produce offspring, and similar to other ursids— … Read more

Do polar bears eat penguins?

Do polar bears eat penguins

The imperfect equivalent of polar bears trying to sustain on a penguin diet is that of an Icelander ‘flying’ all the way down to South Africa for a Pannenkoek breakfast and then returning back home the same day before twilight sets in. Then again, he does this repeatedly for several days in a week, several … Read more

Do polar bears have black skin?

polar bear shaved

It’s strange, but yes, polar bears have black skins as you can see from the picture above. The purpose of this black skin is yet to be established by the scientific community, but a majority of researchers suspect that the black skin may help confer some sort of heat gain advantage by allowing the bears to … Read more