Are polar bears dangerous?

Polar bears are all white and flashy. But are their inner intentions constantly as clean as their glorious pelages suggest? In this article, we’ll be discussing about the possible threats (if any) that polar bears could pose against humans. You’ll get to understand whether polar bears are safe to approach, hug, groom and pamper, or … Read more

What color is a polar bear fur?

What color is a polar bear fur

I swear, the first time i had my eyes on a wild polar bear, — a satiated male boar, i thought the strands of hair on it’s pelage were cream white in appearance. This happen back then in April 2010 (the sun season), when i had the opportunity to become part of an expedition headed … Read more

Here’s what a shaved polar bear looks like

polar bear shaved

If you feel your entire physiognomy looks weird after a complete head-shave at the barbershop, then wait until you see what the maestro of winter really looks like without its immaculate “white suit”. Even weirder! Polar bears have transparent, hollow hairs that collectively reflect visible light and deceive the naked eyes into thinking they’re white. Under … Read more

Do polar bears hibernate?

Do polar bears hibernate

During the frigid days of winter, many species of Northern bears are found curled up (like stiff balls) in a partly insulated den, and snoring out their lungs like avid drunkards do in the early hours of morning. They are, for a substantial amount of time, totally oblivious to their external surroundings and whatever third … Read more