Are sloths lazy?

do sloths have tails

Sloths are and will continuously be the subjects of bad rap, profound speculation and idiotic misinterpretations by journalism and scientific literatures around the globe. Haven’t you heard the anecdotes? That sloths are the lowest form of existence and that one more defect and their lives would have impossible to imagine? That sloths are so stupid … Read more

Are sloths monkeys?

The parting between Xenanthra (the sloth group) and Boteoeutheria (the monkey group) happened approximately some 100 million years ago. Before this time, all sloths would be monkeys and all monkeys would be sloths. In reality however, neither of the modern day species existed before this timeframe. In this article, we‘ll be looking at the taxonomical … Read more

Facts about baby sloths

Baby sloths are a delight to look at. Cute and adorable but consistently neglected by the internet. Every page has a lot to say about adult sloths or sloths in general but very little about their neoates. We dare to be different, and that’s why in this article, it’s all about baby sloths. We present … Read more

Baby Sloths: Everything you should know

The internet has a lot to say about adult sloths but very little about their neoates. We think that these precious little gems deserve more attention that they are actually getting. And thats why we are curating this article: to inform you everything about the lifestyle of baby sloths as prior as from their pre-birth stages; … Read more

Sloth Diet: What do sloths eat?

What eats sloths

Modern day sloths occur in six distinct species spread unequally across two distantly related families. The two families and the number of species within each family include:  Two toed sloths; two species.  Three toed sloths: four species. Both families of sloths subsist primarily on the same food material but a subtle difference exists when it … Read more