Sloth Habitat: Where do sloths live? (with map)

do sloths have tails

Sloths are medium-sized mammals found in the canopy layer of the lowland tropical forest of south and central America: this includes the popular amazon rainforest also known as the “Amazonia”.  Conditions at the rainforest include: heavy amount of precipitation that persist year round, moderate daily temperatures that alternate between 70-90°F, a high relative humidity that … Read more

Facts about sloths on the ground

Baby sloths

Sloths spend most part of their lives hanging upside down from tree branches or nestled comfortably between the bifurcation of tree trunks. On very rare occasions, they can be observed climbing down to the bottom of the rainforest in order to fulfill one or two basic needs. While on the grounds, there are quite a few … Read more

How do sloths poop?

How do sloths poop? Sloths live in the trees but in order to poop, they must descend from the safety of the canopies to the base of their favorite tree. They observe a holistic poo dance to clear up space for their scats, then they poop and cover up their business with a quick truffle … Read more

Do sloths have tails?

do sloths have tails

The sloth is a really primitive creature in terms of both anatomical and physiological traits, compared to the vast majority of mammals. When you look at external characteristics such as olfaction and eyesight, while considering the kind of environment they live in, you can’t help but prove this claim. Sloths are really behind the times, … Read more

Can sloths move fast?

can sloths move fast

The mainstream media depict sloths as living, breathing figurines — very slow moving creatures that perfectly represent ‘lazy’ and ‘stupid’ more than anything else. (There’s even an anecdote flying around that sloths stupidly mistake their own hands for tree branches as a result of their laziness and how poorly equipped they are intellectually) But does … Read more