Can sloths jump?

Baby sloths

There are a lot of things that sloths do, have or execute differently from other animals. For example, sloths eat less compared to mammals of similar size, about 3 times less compared to similarly sized howler monkeys who survive on the same diet of tropical leaves. Sloths also have the slowest metabolism for the group … Read more

Sloth Weight: How much do sloths weigh?

how much do sloths weigh

The average sloth weighs only a little more than the average human baby, but sloths occur in six distinct species (spread across two different families), and therefore variation in size is definitely bound to occur. In this article, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the weight of sloth. You’ll learn how much … Read more

Lifespan of sloths: How long do sloths live?

how long do sloths live

Sloths are small but mighty, and their lifespan in captivity just proves that! Read on to discover exactly how long sloths live in the wild and also in captivity. If you’re interested to know why sloths enjoy such kind of lifespan in both situations, you’ll definitely not be disappointed with this article. In the end, … Read more

How often do sloths poop?

Very interesting question, although i simply can’t understand the intent and (traffic) behind such query. I mean why would anyone be interested in knowing how often sloths poop? What difference would it make if they pooped twice or three times per week? Anyways, below is the detailed answer you’re looking for. (I know, turns out … Read more

Sloth Predators: What eats sloths?

What eats sloths

A handful of indigenous South American tribes, stranded researchers, and illegal dealers of the latino black markets aren’t the only ones that love to enjoy the slow twitch muscles of the slowest mammal on earth — the sloth. Wild animals that live around the spaces where sloths are found also find the dark meats on … Read more