What do you call a group of turkeys?

A group of turkeys is called a rafter of turkeys. Other collective nouns used to describe a group of turkeys include a flock of turkeys and a gang of turkeys.  Some birders claim flock for domesticated turkeys and rafter for the wild variants, in truth however, there’s no evidence written or on tape to back … Read more

Wild Turkey Diet: What do wild turkeys eat?

What do wild turkeys eat

Wild turkey is an upland game bird species endemic to the regions of North and South America, and is notably different (although genetically identical) from domesticated turkey in that it is primarily wild-dwelling while the latter lives in a domestic setting. In this article, we discuss everything there is to know about the food choice … Read more

Do wild turkeys eat ticks?

Wild turkeys will consume ticks when they find them, but they are not active hunters of these ectoparasites. In the wild, when there are better food resources available, like the better tasting acorns, nuts, hickory, grains, tubers and tender greens, wild turkeys would doubtlessly choose them over ticks. Poults (or baby turkeys) in particular are … Read more

Types of wild turkeys

Types of wild turkeys

Wild turkey is a game bird species native to the continent of North America: prominent in the eastern half of the United states but also found in the Northern parts of Mexico, particularly in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is one of the two extant species of living turkeys, the other being the Ocellated turkey … Read more

Can wild turkeys fly?

Aside being aggressive and sometimes amorous towards humans, scratching and denting our reflective bumpers with sturdily built beaks and making irritating ‘ill-obble-obble-obble’ sounds that travel distances greater than one kilometer in the air, what other thing do wild turkeys know how to do best? It’s to take into the air! Yes, wild turkeys can fly! Fly … Read more