How big are blue whales?

We nearly lost the largest animal to have ever graced the surface of the earth in the late 19th century. And that’s the Mysticeti blue whale! These creatures deserve our utmost attention for putting on a stern fight in order to bounce back from their dying population. A chunk of credit still goes to the International … Read more

Blue whale vs Whale shark

The blue whale and Whale shark: two of the most iconic species currently surfing the open waters of the tropical oceans. In this article, we give a head on comparison of these two distinct remarkable in order to find out the respective ways in which they differ and how much similarities they both share.  Blue … Read more

Whale Vomit: Everything you should know

The gross stinky retch up of a sperm whale is an extremely recherché commodity highly sought after by exotic perfumers around the world. Learn more about this sacred product, why and how its formed, and how much money is involved should you ever discover a mass lying plainly along the coastlines. What is whale vomit? … Read more

Can whales breath underwater?

Whales aren’t fishes but mammals, so how come they are able to survive the depths of the oceans for an entire period of a lifetime? Can they breath underwater perfectly fine like fishes and most other aquatic lifeforms do or is there a specific tactic they use to dodge the breathing constraints imposed by their … Read more

Do whales lay eggs?

In this article, you’ll learn whether or not whales have to lay eggs in order to give birth to their young ones. You’ll also learn extensively about the reproductive process of whales which includes: courting, mating, gestation and birth of offspring.  Do whales lay eggs? Whales do not lay eggs the way sharks and other … Read more