Snake Predators: What eats snakes?

Ophiophagy is the special term for animals that love to enjoy the elongated, legless and slithering bodies of snakes in their diets. The animals themselves are called ophiophagous animals. Many distinct and impressive variety of snake species persist in our continents today with the exception of Antarctica and a few isolated land masses — snakes … Read more

What animal group is called a congress?

What animal group is called a congress? A congress is a group of salamanders, ravens or crows. A group of salamanders can also be referred to as a herd just as many grazing quadrupedal ungulates such as cattle, deers and elephants are called. Some specific species of salamanders are called newts while the overall scientific name … Read more

What animals are in the phylum chordata?

In this article, we discuss everything there is to know about the phylum chordate. We discuss the distinctive traits that qualify the classification of animals as chordates, and conclude with a list of prominent members of the chordate family.  What animals are in the phylum chordata?  Animals that belong to the phylum chordata include all … Read more

What animals eat grass?

What animals eat grass? Gramnivores eat grass, true grass from the pocacea family to be specific. Granivores include horses, cattle, panda, domestic yak, grasshoppers and hippopotamus. Gramnivory Generally speaking, herbivores are the primary groups of animals that feed mainly on grasses, although other carnivorous vertebrates like dogs and cats have been occasionally observed to do … Read more