What animals live in the desert?

What animals live in deserts? Animals ranging from mammals, birds, reptiles and arachnids live in the desert. These animals are able to survive the harsh conditions of the habits due to some terrific adaptations that’ve evolved overtime. First things first, what is a desert? A desert is a barren area of landscape that experiences very … Read more

What animals have chins?

What animals have chins

Elephants, manatees and we modern humans are the only animals with chins; whether sculpted, cleft, weak or strong ones. No other members of the animals kingdom aside the three animals mentioned above have been observed to have chins.  What is a chin? A chin is basically the lump of bone that protrudes forward from the anterior … Read more

What animal has the most teeth?

In this article, you’ll learn about the animal with the most number of teeth present in the mouth at once. You’ll also learn about the animals in second, third and fourth position for this title, as well as the extraordinary form of dentition peculiar to invertebrates. What animal has the most teeth? The polka dotted … Read more