Frog Predators: What eats frogs? (with pictures)

Each and every year, more than 3.2 billion edible frogs are harvested for their attractive muscular legs worldwide. The mildly-flavored, chicken textured and fish tasting nutriments of their hind-legs is an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, potassium and omega-3 fatty acid, and this is part of the reasons why the french, chinese and other … Read more

Eagle Predators: What eats eagles?

what eats eagles

Eagles are powerful birds of prey found widespread across the different landmass of earth; from Eurasia and Africa, all the way to North America and South America. Forgot to mention the 3 species of Australia. They are massive species of birds rivaling the sizes of condors and old world vultures and are famous for killing their … Read more

Sloth Predators: What eats sloths?

What eats sloths

A handful of indigenous South American tribes, stranded researchers, and illegal dealers of the latino black markets aren’t the only ones that love to enjoy the slow twitch muscles of the slowest mammal on earth — the sloth. Wild animals that live around the spaces where sloths are found also find the dark meats on … Read more