Dog’s Sweet Gesture of Bringing Home a Lost Kitten Makes Everyone Smile

In a heartwarming incident that has gone viral on social media, a service dog named Roger was caught on video behaving in an unexpectedly gentle manner with a tiny kitten.

The video, which was shared by TikTok user Freya, has taken the Internet by storm for its uncanny depiction of interspecies friendship.

Freya’s service dog, Roger, is a Labrador Retriever, a breed known for their exceptional child-friendly nature and compatibility with other animals.

Freya’s service dog, Source

Being a working bred gundog, Roger was trained to retrieve objects without causing harm – a skill he put to perfect use when he brought home an unscathed kitten.

Freya admitted she had no idea where her beloved canine found the tiny feline.

"Sweet thing, Roger, where did you find this," Freya said. 

Still, she humorously suggested that maybe Roger was trying to hint something – possibly his wish to have a pet of his own.

This isn’t the first time Roger has displayed such unusual behavior.

He had previously retrieved live animals but this is the first time he brought home a kitten.

Despite the light-hearted amusement of the situation, Freya did not overlook the needs of the little kitten.

In a follow-up video shared on TikTok, she confirmed that the tiny adventurer had been safely reunited with its mother.

What made this incident particularly captivating for viewers worldwide wasn’t simply Roger’s unexpected rescue mission.

It also lay in how gently he treated the little feline friend he’d found.

Gentle handling is inherent to his breed and training as a gundog – attributes that were starkly highlighted in this endearing moment.

The video has received overwhelming admiration from across the globe since it was first shared on TikTok.

People joked about how Roger might be attempting to ‘adopt‘ kittens and expressed wishes of having their dogs bring them kittens too!

The sheer cuteness displayed in the footage led it to be viewed over 1 million times and gather thousands of comments.

Such incidents not only tug at our heartstrings but also subtly remind us about empathy towards other creatures and love beyond boundaries.

As we continue appreciating these unplanned moments captured and shared by proud pet owners like Freya, one must not forget our pets’ abilities to surprise us unexpectedly in their own unique ways!

As for Roger? Well, going forward, each stray rustle or muffled meow might just indicate another ‘surprise’ being delivered by this gentle gundog!

We can only wait and watch what this four-legged hero gets up to next!

Here’s The Video:


think Roger is hinting that he wants a pet 😂🤦 kitten was absolutely fine and completely unharmed. Roger is a working bred gundog and has a very soft mouth and is very delicate when carrying things. this is not the first time he has brought me a live animal, it’s just usually ducks that he brings me and not kittens

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