Netherlands national flag
Population:17,134,872 (69th Rank)
Size:41,850 km² (134th Largest)
Density:508 per Km2
National flower:Tulip
National dish:Poffertjes

Quick Facts

The Netherlands is often called the “Land of Windmills,” and for good reason. The country has more than 1,000 windmills that date back to the 16th century, and they’ve historically been used for everything from draining water to grinding grain.

The Dutch are known for their expertise in water management. Roughly one-third of the country lies below sea level, making the Netherlands home to an extensive system of dikes, canals, and pumps that help keep the land dry.

The Netherlands is the birthplace of many famous artists, including Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Johannes Vermeer. The country has a rich artistic history that is reflected in numerous world-class museums, such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Van Gogh Museum.

The Dutch are some of the tallest people in the world, with an average height of about 6 feet for men and 5 feet 7 inches for women. The reasons for this are not entirely understood, but it’s thought to be a combination of genetics and diet.

The country is renowned for its tulip fields, which bloom in a spectacular array of colors every spring. Tulips were originally imported from the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century and quickly became a status symbol, leading to a speculative period known as “Tulip Mania,” where the price of tulip bulbs soared.

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