Are whale sharks mammals?

In this article, you’ll find out whether or not whale sharks are mammals. You’ll also learn about the traits that justified the classification of whale sharks in their current group.   Are whale sharks mammals? Whale sharks are not mammals at all. They are sharks and therefore fishes that are nicknamed as ‘whales’ due to how … Read more

How often do sharks eat?

In this article, you’ll learn about the forage behaviour of sharks. You’ll find out based on rough estimations, how often sharks forage in their marine environment.  How often do sharks eat? Different shark species have different feeding frequency. Some sharks eat as often as everyday or every other day while others are able to go a … Read more

Do sloths have tails?

do sloths have tails

The sloth is a really primitive creature in terms of both anatomical and physiological traits, compared to the vast majority of mammals. When you look at external characteristics such as olfaction and eyesight, while considering the kind of environment they live in, you can’t help but prove this claim. Sloths are really behind the times, … Read more

Can sloths move fast?

can sloths move fast

The mainstream media depict sloths as living, breathing figurines — very slow moving creatures that perfectly represent ‘lazy’ and ‘stupid’ more than anything else. (There’s even an anecdote flying around that sloths stupidly mistake their own hands for tree branches as a result of their laziness and how poorly equipped they are intellectually) But does … Read more

Can sloths jump?

Baby sloths

There are a lot of things that sloths do, have or execute differently from other animals. For example, sloths eat less compared to mammals of similar size, about 3 times less compared to similarly sized howler monkeys who survive on the same diet of tropical leaves. Sloths also have the slowest metabolism for the group … Read more