Are sloths marsupials?

Marsupials are mammals that give birth to an altricial young to be nursed inside a pouch. Sloths are definitely not one of them! Are sloths marsupials? Sloths are not marsupials. The living class of animals called “Mammalia” exist in three major clades which includes; monotremes (mammals that lay eggs), marsupials (mammals that give birth to … Read more

Do sloths die when they poop?

Do sloths die when they poop

Okay, to clarify a bit, no animal ever dies when they poop, but for one particular reason (that isn’t directly tied with the actual popping process itself), sloths happen to be an exception. This isn’t the first time that sloths deviate from the norm! Being quadrupedal mammals, sloths cant walk and neither can they hop … Read more

Do sloths bite?

Do sloths bite

We’ve seen it all. Animals that look gentle and endearing yet deliver the bite of a thousand horses. Centipedes, soldier ants and our beloved canine companions; dogs and cats are typical examples. On the flip side also, creepy looking animals that ‘d rather take a blow to the head than deliver a bite to the … Read more

Are sloths mean?

Are sloths mean

Sloths are the most, well, not so affectionate members of the animal kingdom you’re ever going to meet. They simply don’t give a damn about you and love to mind their own business. Unless of course, you want to test their patience! Are sloths mean? Sloths are neither mean nor affectionate. They are solitary species … Read more

Are sloths dangerous?

Are sloths dangerous

It’s never a good idea to categorize all cute animals as “innocuous species” and try to interact with them by stroking and hugging, at least not for wild animals. Many people have had to learn this the hard way with animals like swans, raccoons, hippos and slow loris, to mention a few. The animal kingdom … Read more