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On each country’s page, you’ll find information about its flag, geographical location, a map and five intriguing facts.

N.B: We’re working on an exciting feature to show an extensive background about each country, with several different links to exciting articles, videos and images so you can learn more about each country with every visit, for example: an image page showing how the people of a certain country look like, how tall they are etc., or a link to a video or an article about the best and popular places to visit in that country, weird facts, customs, food etc. Be sure to save this page and keep checking back so you don’t miss out on this feature when it’s rolled out.

The best part? Once you’ve explored one country, you can easily move on to the next by pressing the button again (it’s usually on the bottom of the current country’s page).

Random Country Selector

To keep your exploration fresh and exciting, our system ensures you won’t revisit the same country until you’ve seen them all.

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