Service Dog Can’t Resist the Temptation of Passenger’s Snack in Viral Video

In a recent flight, a service dog was caught on camera exhibiting quite a human-like reaction that has since evoked amusement and sparked conversation online.

This terrier retriever service dog was seen staring longingly at the snack being eaten by one of the passengers on the flight, with an unmistakable look of disappointment as it couldn’t partake in the munching.

The video clip, posted on TikTok by Mercedes Martinez, captures this adorable scene.

As the tune of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For” plays in the background, viewers can see this terrier providing both companionship and assistance to its owner while simultaneously longing for a taste of what’s outside its prescribed diet.

The dog’s dismayed expression as it watched another passenger enjoy a snack gained traction among TikTok users.

Gimme Some Hooman, Source

The man seen eating in the video seems largely amused by the dog’s reaction, managing to maintain his composure while he continued eating his snack.

Scores of viewers found humor in this gently comic scenario.

Some comments even suggested that they would have relented and given the disappointed pooch a bite of their own snack if they were there.

However, Guide Dogs of America advises against such actions.

According to their guidelines, giving food to service dogs is not recommended at all.

It may cause distraction for these dutiful dogs whose primary focus should be assisting their owners rather than seeking treats from others.

Besides this potential distraction, giving food not meant for dogs can be harmful to their health.

Moreover, interaction with service dogs must always be respectful and mindful of their roles.

It is crucial not to make any interaction unless granted permission from their owners or handlers first.

If you find a service dog approaching you for any reason – whether it appears to beg or simply out of curiosity – it is appropriate protocol to inform its owner before interacting with the dog in any way.

Here’s the Video: