Tanzanian national flag.
Region:East Africa
Population:59,734,218 (24th Rank)
Size:945,087 km² (31th Largest)
Language:Swahili, English
Density:67 per Km2
Currency:Tanzanian shilling
National flower:Cloves
National dish:Ugali

Quick Facts

Cultural Diversity:

Tanzania is a vibrant mosaic of cultures, comprising at least 120 distinct tribes. Each tribe contributes to the rich tapestry of the nation with unique traditions, crafts, and languages. In fact, over 120 languages are spoken across the country, most of which belong to the Bantu language family​.

Natural Wonders:

  • The country is home to Africa’s deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika, which is also the second largest lake on the continent. This expansive lake is shared between Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Zambia​.
  • The Serengeti National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offers an unparalleled safari experience with its diverse animal populations and breathtaking landscapes​.

Geographical Expanse:

  • Tanzania is East Africa’s largest country, and stands as the 13th largest in Africa and the 30th largest country globally. Its geographical location is significant as it shares its borders with eight countries: Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia​.

Archaeological Significance:

  • Tanzania plays a critical role in understanding human evolution. The country’s Olduvai Gorge is the discovery site of the earliest known human skull in the world, dating back 2 million years. This groundbreaking discovery was made by the renowned East African archaeologist, Dr. Leakey​.

Marine Life:

  • Tanzania hosts the world’s largest crab, the coconut crab, among its diverse marine life, further enriching the nation’s natural allure​.
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Credit: Geology.com