Chico the Canine Cop: How a K9 Officer Dressed Up, Stole Hearts and Broke the Internet!

There’s always that one colleague who just knows how to make us smile, right?

For the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) in Florida, that honor unarguably goes to Chico – their very own K9 superstar and a four-pawed heartthrob.

Chico, a brave German Shepherd, is inarguably the ‘Top Dog’ of OCSO.

Having been with the team for about 4.5 years, this fur-tastic officer has certainly made his mark at the station.

Not only does he diligently serve as a patrol dog, but also has an uncanny knack for snuffing out drugs as a drug K9, tracking down suspects and protecting his handler — Deputy First Class Chris Hattaway. With such versatility, this industrious canine has become an indispensable asset to the force.

Being an officer doesn’t mean all work and no play for Chico. This feisty guy loves a good round of tug-o-war and goes bonkers over Kongs – his favorite toy. After all, even hardworking law enforcers need some fun time!

However, it was on an entirely different occasion when Chico really became the talk of the town. We’re talking about picture day at this station—the day where Chico went from crime fighter extraordinaire to sartorial standout.

No one could’ve imagined the fanfare his official photograph would stir up on social media! He donned an elegant tie and his ‘official uniform’ (a jaw-droppingly handsome one at that), elliciting smiles and laughs from all around.

Image From: The Dodo

He looked absolutely fetching (pun totally intended) sitting regally with those bright eyes full of determination and that ever-so-slight tilt of the head as if saying— ‘Oh yeah! I got this!’  If we were giving out awards for best dressed, Chico would undoubtedly host it aloft with pride – or should we say wag?

What set him apart wasn’t just how dapper he looked but it was also that age-old saying: ‘Fashion is about something that comes from within you‘. Yes, even when it comes to dogs!

Image From: The Dodo

Chico reminded everyone that day not only about the importance of police dogs in maintaining law and order but also how they continue to be loyal companions bringing laughter and building bonds within their teams—essentially being what they are best known for: man’s best friend.

So here’s to Officer Chico—the handsome, crime-busting German Shepherd who isn’t afraid to rock both casual playtime style or formalwear like no other canine can.

Image From: The Dodo

Whether he is chasing suspects across Orange County or stealing hearts during a photoshoot with his killer looks, our dashing K9 hero sure knows how to steal the show.

Be sure to give him a wave when you see him!