Penguin Habitat: Where do penguins live?

Where do penguins live

All but one species of penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. Cut the earth transversally in two and select the portion residing south of the equator, that’s where penguins live and breed if you didn’t get the Southern Hemisphere thing. The species that breed in the north just barely cross over to that side by … Read more

Top 20 animals with funny names

22 spot ladybird

Funny names don’t just stop with you and your chicken pet. Scientist and locals too, love to showcase their humorous side when it’s time to register newcomers into animal kingdom. From coincidental comic names strapped with true, deep meanings, to those designated purposefully for the sake of humor, this list of 20 animals with funny … Read more

Elephant Painting: Can elephants paint?

For starters, elephants don’t paint in the wilderness. You wouldn’t be too dumb to assume that craft corners exist in the plains of Africa and Asia would you? So if there’s ever a place that elephants are going to paint, it’s in captive situation where they are taught by highly skilled trainers to do so. … Read more

Are sand dollars alive?

So you’re a beachcomber? Of course we know sand dollars are one of the most valuable treasures you can ever scoop out from the ocean shores. But these yummy looking entities could actually be more related to you than they are to rocks and stones you hurl directly into the ocean’s belly, and thus, would … Read more

What do you call a group of turkeys?

A group of turkeys is called a rafter of turkeys. Other collective nouns used to describe a group of turkeys include a flock of turkeys and a gang of turkeys.  Some birders claim flock for domesticated turkeys and rafter for the wild variants, in truth however, there’s no evidence written or on tape to back … Read more