This Dalmatian Had 18 Puppies in One Litter (Here’s How She Did It)

In the world of dog breeding, sometimes even the most experienced and meticulous breeders are stunned when nature decides to deliver an extraordinary surprise.

Such was the case with Cecilia Langton Bunkergot, a renowned Dalmatian breeder from Ballarat, Australia, who witnessed an exceedingly rare and miraculous event.

For almost 30 years, Cecilia has been passionately dedicated to producing top-quality Dalmatian puppies through her business, CC Dalmatians.

Many of her dogs achieved champion status and became show canines, establishing her prominence in the dog breeding industry.

Indeed, it is every breeder’s dream to sire healthy litters which contribute to the continuation of their chosen breed’s line. However, Cecilia’s recent experience surpassed even her wildest expectations.

Working in collaboration with fellow breeder Jade Martin, Cecilia chose a first-time mother named Miley for their next breeding cycle, owned by Martins. The father was the exceptionally strong and muscular dalmatian know as “Astro Wonder Boy” from Cecilia.

Picture of Miley (left) and Astro (Right) with Cecilia in the middle. Photo Credit: CCDalmatians

All throughout Miley’s pregnancy, they ensured that she received the best care possible. This included regular veterinary checkups to monitor her health and that of her expected puppies.

Initial estimations suggested that Miley was carrying only three puppies – a modest but reasonable number for a first-time mother.

However, during Miley’s labor at their local vet clinic there came an astonishing twist; one by one more puppies arrived until they reached a jaw-dropping total of 18!

"We got to 16 and thought she was done, after 13 and a half hours of labour,”.
“It was quite amazing she popped out another two, making it a world record and Australian record. I was flabbergasted to see so many". -- Cecilia told 9news

The sight caught everyone by surprise – breeders and veterinarians alike.

Image Credit: Dog Dispatch

With each puppy born healthy and strong, shock quickly turned into elation as they realized they were witnessing not just a rare occurrence but a record-setting event!

The litter size broke both Australian records and global records for Dalmatian births at that time. But currently, the world record for the largest Dalmatian litter is 19 puppies, recorded in Albury in Australia in 2019.

Following these remarkable births, each pup underwent an examination by the veterinarian who confirmed that all were in perfect health – demonstrating a vitally important aspect within dog breeding success; the quality of care provided throughout pregnancy can influence the wellbeing of newborn pups significantly.

Once all puppies were safe and accounted for back at Cecilia’s breeding kennel, one was chosen by Jade Martin for her daughter.

The remaining 17 were cared for by Cecilia – no easy task when considering feeding schedules alone! Nonetheless, it was evident that Miley deserved accolades too; nursing such a large litter is no small feat.

While this undertaking was indeed challenging – nursing such an extensive brood was neither quick nor simple – both Miley and Cecilia handled it with aplomb.

Photo Credit: CCDalmatians

Over time all 18 pups grew into vibrant young dogs ready for their journey onwards; eventually, each found new homes where they would continue to thrive.

Celestial Langton Bunkergot’s extraordinary feat will undoubtedly find its place within dog breeding annals as proof that sometimes nature loves to deliver astounding surprises.

While these 18 pups have since moved on to bright futures beyond CC Dalmatians’ kennels – this unique event unforgettably marked Cecilia’s grand contribution towards Dalmatian breeding.