See Corgi’s Mixed Emotions as He Meets His New Puppy Sister

If you know Tofu from @splootsociety tiktok’s account, you’d recognize that he’s no ordinary corgi; he is recognized for his fluffy butt, one that swayed side to side when he pranced around in joy.

Known for his sassy attitude and mannerisms, he captivates the hearts of those around him. And had a way with the camera too, always managing to steal the show whenever he could.

Despite his charming quirks and feisty persona, there were times when Tofu seemed to long for companionship.

Often, the owners would notice Tofu sitting by the television, enamored by videos of other corgis frolicking and playing.

This wasn’t uncommon behavior for dogs like Tofu; watching TV was something he enjoyed.

But there was something about the way his eyes followed those ecstatic pups on screen that suggested a tinge of loneliness. Maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s not.

Source: Tiktok

Watching these signs unfold however, the owners decided something had to be done. The decision was made then; they would introduce Tofu to a little sister.

Corgis are adaptable dogs who can navigate their world well whether they’re solo or part of a pack.

However, it’s important to introduce them properly if you’re bringing in another pup into their territory.

The big day arrived where they were set to surprise Tofu with his new sibling – an adorable ball of fur named Kimchi! She was so much smaller than him!

As they brought Kimchi home and introduced her to Tofu, the look on his face said it all – a mix of excitement and curiosity seemed to overtake him.

Interpreting dog expressions can be tricky but if we had to decipher what he was pondering about at that moment – it’d surely be “yay, a new friend!” mixed along with “wait…what is going on here?”.

Source: Tiktok

Kimchi quickly settled into her new surroundings with big brother Tofu leading her every step of the way.

Their bond developed swiftly all under the watchful eyes of the owners which i guess should provide them with an unspoken reassurance that they had made the right decision after all.

Source: Tiktok

It wasn’t just companionship that added excitement into their lives but also plenty of exercise opportunities both inside and outside house as corgis are known for their high energy levels.

Today, both Tofu & Kimchi make up @splootsociety and they appear very contented and well-loved – running around together chasing balls or simply snuggling next one another during nap times – showing us exactly how harmoniously they’ve come together.

Here’s The Video

Source: Tiktok