Dachshund’s Paws-itive Reaction to Medicine Will Make You Smile

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a phenomenon commonly associated with human emotions, primarily linked to social networks and the anxiety that emerges from seeing other people’s enjoyment or achievements.

However, this concept isn’t confined to humans alone.

Surprisingly, this peculiar behavior has also been observed within the animal kingdom; particularly amongst household pets like dogs.

This short story highlights an intriguing incident where FOMO was visibly detected in one family’s pet dog, registering a profound “wow” factor for many.

The Jealous Sibling

Anyone who has more than one child—or pet—can relate to the constant battle for attention that often brews amongst siblings.

The same rule applies to dogs.

They are inherently social and attention-loving creatures that form deep bonds not only with their human masters but also with their co-pets in a household.

In this context, it becomes interesting when they show signs of envy or longing for something that another is receiving—even if it doesn’t necessarily benefit them.

The story begins with two – fluffy companions sharing a home and their owner’s attention. They’re both adorable dachshunds.

One of these canine buddies suffers from allergies that require regular medication for management.

The medicine isn’t administered orally or via injection but applied externally along her belly, an unusual method from a dog pampering perspective.

After receiving her dosage, the allergic pooch performs her ritualistic routine: she rolls over joyfully as if reveling in some therapeutic spa treatment before hopping aside to make room for her sister—the non-allergic one a.k.a “Winni“.

Here is where the portrayal of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) comes into play—an interesting display that leaves even seasoned pet owners amazed.

The non-allergic dog enters the spotlight and imitates the entire process her sibling just went through—the rolling over and acting as if she too has just received an application of medicine along her belly.

The most endearing part? Their owner plays along with sound effects mimicking the application process! The non-allergic sister seems to love every bit of this pretend play—wagging her tail enthusiastically, waving her front paws almost like a playful request for more pseudo-medicine.

Yet, when this amusing act prolongs further than usual, instead of more pretend medication sessions, both dogs receive equal scratches from their owner—a treat they both find satisfyingly gratifying.

This story underlines a critical point about handling multiple pets in a single household—always involve all pets in activities involving one or another to avoid potential feelings of exclusion leading to unnecessary distress amongst them.

Here’s The Video

Credit: Tiktok