Family Abandons Lost Dog At Shelter After Promising To Come Back

It was May 2016 when a beautiful, robust pit bull mix named Lindsy first set her paw in the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York.

She was found wandering the streets, lost and defenseless, until some compassionate souls (animal control officers) led her to a safe place – the shelter.

At just 6 years old, Lindsy found herself in an alien environment filled with unfamiliar faces and sounds. But little did she know, her journey was far from over.


In a few weeks’ time, a child’s voice echoed through the phone lines at the Shelter.

The youngster claimed that Lindsy belonged to their family.

Despite this promising call for reunion, there was an unexpected turn of events that caught everyone off guard: the family never arrived to collect their beloved pet.

Perhaps we may never establish why they did not fulfill their promise but what we know is that they left Lindsy all alone once again.


Nevertheless, shelter staff remained hopeful and optimistic for Lindsy’s future; after all, she had such an irresistibly great personality!

Her commanding yet gentle presence combined with her playful spirit certainly stole hearts within minutes of meeting her.

Therein laid the assumption that Lindsy would quickly find herself a new home brimming with love and care.

However, years began to pass by and the quick adoption initially anticipated turned into a waiting game, a really painful one.

Lyndsey Grosjean, one of the dedicated volunteers at Babylon Animal Shelter believed that perhaps it was Lindsy’s size and age that deterred prospective adopters from embracing her into their family.


However, Grosjean insisted that beyond physical attributes lie an exuberant dog full of life and hilarity!   

Lindsy was described as being sweet-natured yet assertive, calm while being active enough to keep up with your daily routine; in essence – a delightful paradox!

She relishes ripping apart toys in a playful frenzy followed by gleefully scampering after balls during fetch time led by her tail wagging in excitement. Of course, like every other pooch on planet Earth – she is utterly devoted to treats!


Further solidifying their beliefs about how wonderful a pet she’d make; she interacts well with children and other dogs alike! Time has proved again and again through numerous heartfelt encounters that she was more than capable of giving abundant love while also being receptive to it.

Grosjean reiterated how emotionally distressing it has been witnessing dogs like lovely Lindsy age away while still hoping relentlessly for their forever homes.

It’s heartbreaking – watching them wait longingly day after day for someone to recognize their worth and provide them with what they might have been denied before – love unending and a place to call home.

And finally came the glorious day when just few months short of three years at Babylon Animal Shelter – the shelter joyfully announced “Lindsy has left the building!” in a facebook post.

The long wait for finding her forever home had come to its beautiful conclusion!

This heartwarming victory wasn’t solely hers but it belonged equally if not more so to everyone who supported Lindsy throughout these tumultuous three years ranging from shelter staff members who watched over her every day with hope-filled eyes right down to complete strangers who came across her story online only once but were kind enough to share it further ensuring Lindsy gets every bit of assistance possible towards finding her new family.

Lucky for all (especially the darling Lindys), the shelter collaborated with Noel’s Dream Bully Rescue who helped ease out Lindsy’s transition from an animal shelter life into one where she could lap up homely comforts before moving on towards what would be the most exciting phase yet – namely being fostered until adopted completely into loving arms!

Credit: Babylon Animal Shelter

Final Words

I’m sure till this day, the Babylon Animal Shelter must be wondering if they fully articulated just how magnificent and enchanting Lindsy was.

Her hopeful, soulful gazes and her lively barks which instantly lift one’s mood are testimonies to the delightful creature she truly is. They truly have been fortunate to witness her growth and transformation.

Repeating all the praises bestowed upon her joyful personality, they were certain without a doubt – Lindsy will be nothing less than a cherished addition to any family who has the fortune of calling her their own!

And now, a beautiful family does, alongside a portrait gift of hers by artist Denise S.

Lindsy’s portrait: Source: Facebook