What Your Dog Is Trying to Tell You When They Scratch Your Bed Sheets

As a dog owner, you may have noticed your furry friend engaging in unique behaviors, one of which can be scratching your bed sheets or even his/her own bed space.

At first glance, this action can seem a little peculiar and perhaps frustrating, especially if the bedsheets are being damaged. However, understanding that such behavior is largely instinctual (and also based on some factors that aren’t worrying) can put a reassuring context into your dog’s actions.

Why dog scratches bedsheet

More importantly, your dog’s scratching behaviour isn’t something you necessarily need to stop unless its causing damage or could indicate other issues like anxiety or arthritic pain that might need veterinary attention.

The Reason Why Your Dog Would Scratch The Bed Sheets

It’s And Innate Habit

One of the main reasons dogs scratch at bedsheets is because of their ancestral habits. In the wild, dogs would scratch at grass or earth to create a comfortable sleeping spot.

They also used this technique to disturb any pests like snakes or small rodents and reveal hidden dangers before settling down for a sleep in order to prevent them from getting bitten or stung.

This behavior has been passed down through generations and is exhibited by our domesticated friends today.

Dog instinct to scratch bed

Another perspective relates to their scent glands. Dogs have scent glands in their paws which upon scratching releases their fragrance onto the sheets.

Through this action, they are marking their territory and creating a space that smells familiar and safe to them – a similar thing their ancestors do in the wild to mark that a territory is inhabited and should be avoided.

In addition to this scratching, you may also notice your dog circling around the area, especially when he/she is about to take a nap. This is also an inherited habit.

Their ancestors used to scan sleeping areas by circling around them before to scratching and sleeping on them to ensure their safety.

Regulating Temperature

Dog cosy

Additionally, when it comes to cooler conditions or when looking for warmth, your canine friend may scratch at the bedding as an attempt to “nest”.

By repositioning the blankets or sheets they create a cozy nest-like structure that keeps them warm. Similar thing to what their ancestors did in the wild, they scratch hot surfaces to unveil the cooler soil underneath to create a comfortable sleeping spot.


Scratching could also be an indicator of discomfort due to parasites like fleas or ticks. These pesky critters can cause intense itching leading your dog to scratch frequently on various surfaces including bedsheets.

When it’s More Than Just Instincts And Comfort

If you notice constant scratching paired with restlessness then it may be possible that your dog suffers from anxiety or stress.

Much like nervous ticks in humans, dogs too express anxious behavior through repetitive physical habits such as scratching or digging

Arthritis is another possible cause for older dogs who are likely scratching bedding as an effort to relieve joint pain or stiffness.

If you suspect age-related arthritic pain may be causing the behavior, it’s advisable to consult with your vet about potential treatment options.

In some cases excessive scratching without any apparent cause might signify Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In such cases its crucial to consult with your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist

While most of these reasons pose no severe harm for you or your dog; it is always worth noting changes in behavior patterns especially if accompanied by distress signals such as yelping while scratching, listlessness or loss of appetite among others which demand prompt veterinary attention.