Puppy Rescued After Hiding Under Broken Roof for Days

In the quietest corners of our world, stories play out that bring tears to our eyes and warmth to our hearts. One such tale is of a tiny, fragile creature named Tina —the puppy discovered under a broken roof – whose story is bound to make you go “wow.” Tina’s world began in an unfamiliar … Read more

See Corgi’s Mixed Emotions as He Meets His New Puppy Sister

If you know Tofu from @splootsociety tiktok’s account, you’d recognize that he’s no ordinary corgi; he is recognized for his fluffy butt, one that swayed side to side when he pranced around in joy. Known for his sassy attitude and mannerisms, he captivates the hearts of those around him. And had a way with the … Read more

This Dalmatian Had 18 Puppies in One Litter (Here’s How She Did It)

Record Dalmatian litter

In the world of dog breeding, sometimes even the most experienced and meticulous breeders are stunned when nature decides to deliver an extraordinary surprise. Such was the case with Cecilia Langton Bunkergot, a renowned Dalmatian breeder from Ballarat, Australia, who witnessed an exceedingly rare and miraculous event. For almost 30 years, Cecilia has been passionately … Read more